Visualization 101

We hear the terms visualization and manifestation thrown around a lot today. But what does it really mean? Its easy to dismiss these practices as some sort of woo woo magic that gurus like to throw around. However, visualization when done correctly can be a powerful tool. You can literally visualize a better life and bring it into existence. Simply thinking is not enough, overtime you will have to align your actions. But, if you have a CLEAR vision you can work to you can truly change your life.

What is Visualization?

How we turned our vision into reality (A Founders Perspective)

Visualization, according to Wikipedia, is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. This definition is a great starting point. But in short, we will define visualization simply as a picture you build in your mind. This picture can be big or small, detailed or vague. Your vision, in the end is only limited by your imagination. Sounds cheesy, but its true.

Visualization through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of humanity. It can be used to communicate with others. You visualize an idea in your head and bring it into the world to show to others. Ie. Steve Jobs creating the iPhone.  Visualization can also be used to communicate with yourself! Since the conversations you have with yourself are the most important conversations you will EVER have, it is imperative to have a clear vision if you want to achieve a great and full life. If you don’t, you are bound to bounce around aimlessly through life.

We know that thought precedes creation. This is a fundamental rule of the world. Something must first be imagined before it can be created and brought into this world. Our thoughts are a way that we can guide energy. If guided correctly, we can bring energy into the physical world. Magic!

Why Visualization Is So Powerful

The human brain is extremely powerful. Our brain, dictates how we interpret ever single thing that happens in our lives. Nothing is good our bad. It is our brain and our thoughts that make it so.

How The Brain Works

Our brains are essentially small computers. They take in information, digest information and then use the information to craft a narrative to explain what is going on. The narratives we craft in our heads are largely subjective. This is why two people can witness the same exact event and will interpret the event in different ways. Think about how bystanders report a car accident. Based on peoples perceptions they will report drastically different accounts of the accident!

Reticular Activating System

The reticular activating system is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior. It is a system in the brain that helps us see what we want to see. If we hold a particular belief, this part of the brain will constantly be looking for things in the world that reinforce this belief. It doesn’t matter if the belief is positive or negative. Regardless, the brain will work to interpret events to reinforce the thought pattern.

If you think you are big and strong, your brain will look for evidence to support this belief. If you think you are weak, the same is true. As such, our beliefs are critically important. You must not fall into negative self talk or negative beliefs holding patterns. In the end, these beliefs can become self fulfilling prophecies. 

What Must Be Present to Be Successful

Creating an imagine in your mind is powerful. However, an image alone is not enough to bring it into existence. This image must be tended to and cultivated, like a small ember. Overtime, as you feed this image it can transform into a roaring fire.


Desire is the first element that must be present if you want to manifest your visions. You must have a genuine desire to achieve your goals. If your desire is superficial and only a mere want, it will not be strong enough. You must have a fundamental desire in your core to a achieve a specific goal. ie. you have to want it bad enough! Wishing is not enough. You must get to the point where you almost obsess over your vision. Having this true desire is the first step to achieving your vision.

You can desire to get a 6 pack. You can desire to start a family or a business, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the desire is genuine and integrated throughout your entire person. Ideally, your desire will also be highly specific. The more specific your goal and thus your vision is the more likely you are to bring it into reality.


To bring your vision into reality you must be certain that it is possible. There cannot be any doubt in your mind or any wishy-washy thoughts. Form your vision and be certain. It can be useful if in a way you belief that you have already achieved your vision. You are just waiting for it to play-out in the real world. After all, you are already the person that you are visioning the only thing separating you from your goal is time.


The last thing that must be present to bring your vision into reality is acceptance. This might sound counterintuitive, after all if your vision is positive why wouldn’t you accept it? However, the beliefs we hold of ourselves run deep. If you are unwilling to let go of who you are and accept who you will become it will not work. Accept your vision. Kill who you are to become who you want to be. Its tough to let go of old personality traits but it must be done. 

How to Start

To start, you must first create your vision. Pick something and stick with it. It can be useful to start small. Since this is a fitness blog, choose a fitness goal. Pick a realistic vision and give yourself a short timeline. Say 3 months. If you are overweight and 25% body fat. Create a vision of yourself with 15% body fat. Picking a short timeline and a realistic goal/vision is critically important. Once you knockdown your goals and bring your vision into the world, your powers will grow. You will see proof that you CAN do it. Once you have this proof, you can move onto bigger goals.

Personally, right now were are working on our vision of family and business. In 3 years we will have started a family and will be self employed making high 6 figs a year with 7+ figures of net worth. Enough about us, but those are some ideas to get you going. Our vision is hyper specific, and if you want to know what it looks like, let us know!

Role of Affirmations

Affirmations might seem super cheesy, and they kind of are. But they are powerful. Our words are spells that we can cast upon reality. When we hear ourselves speak and speak confidently it sends signals to our bodies. Overtime our actions will align with these affirmations. Start your day with affirmations and end your day with affirmations. These help keep you on track! Don’t be afraid to speak your reality into existence!

In Summary

Visions are extremely powerful. If you carefully choose a vision, cultivate that vision and act on it, you can bring any reality into this world. Its important to be hyper specific in your vision. The more clear your vision is, the better. You must have a vision based on a genuine desire, you must be certain that it will happen and you have to accept this vision. Let go of who you are to become who you want to be!

Thats it for now.

Talk soon,

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