Overview of Current Lifting Goals and Program

If you run a fitness blog (like we do), twitter account, or have a fitness youtube you will likely get peppered with many questions. This is part of the job and comes with the territory. And actually, we enjoy it. Fielding questions from readers is one of the things we enjoy the most here at Tested Fitness.

However, some questions pop-up more than others. And the questions we get by FAR the most (aside from how do we lose fat) are 1) What are your current lifting goals? and 2) What is your current lifting/fitness routine? As such, we think it makes sense to make a quick post to outline what we are doing now. We hope that you’ll read this and get inspired to set some goals of your own. Hell, maybe you’ll want to copy us and jump on board. And we’d love that.

Ready? Lets go!

Overview of Current Lifting Goals

If you’ve been lifting for a decent amount of time (1-2 years +) you will inevitably hit a bit of a wall. This is natural. However we think its good to constantly set new goals that motivate you to train harder or even train differently than you were previously. For example, for the past 8 months or so we have really been working on our boxing and cardio. Its been great, were learning a new skill and have been leaning out in the meantime. However, we’re starting to miss hitting the iron. As such our new goals focus on increasing our compound lifts while maintaining a lean bodyweight and sufficient cardio. After all, if you can lift a ton but can’t move, who gives a shit?

Let’s dive in!

  1. Back Squat 2x bodyweight for 5×5
  2. Deadlift 2.5x bodyweight for 5×5
  3. Overhead Press 1x bodyweight for 5×5
  4. Dumbbell bench 60% of bodyweight (each hand) 5×5
  5. Weighted pull ups (45lbs) 5×5
  6. 1 mile run in less than 7 minutes

We think these current goals give a high level of baseline strength relative to our bodyweight. These are 5 compounds movements and if you become proficient and strong in these lifts you will develop aesthetic arms, shoulders, legs and abs in the process. For those wondering about the mile time that goal is there to make sure we don’t pack on excessive bodyweight and can still move efficiently while getting stronger.

You may be wondering, okay thats great. But how do we get there? How do we work each week to make sure we hit these goals in our allotted time of ~4 months? We’re glad you asked!

Overview of Current Lifting Program

To achieve these goals we plan on hitting the weights HARD about 4 times per week. More than this and you risk not being able to recover fully which will inhibit your strength. In addition to lifting 4 times per week we plan to continue boxing 1 or 2 times per week. This will keep our aerobic capacity high so that we can crush that mile time. In addition to boxing we like to surf and golf so we might toss is 1-2 morning surfing sessions/rounds per week. These are mainly for fun and can be used on active recovery days.

*As a rule of thumb off days are extremely important and you should take them. However, off days don’t mean you just sit on the couch the entire day. Do something light and fun.*

Sample Week:
  • Monday = Legs and Shoulders
  • Tuesday = Chest and Back
  • Wednesday = Off (Surf or Golf or nothing)
  • Thursday = Boxing/Cardio
  • Friday = Legs and Shoulders
  • Saturday = Chest and Back
  • Sunday = Off (Surf or Golf not nothing)
Sample Workouts
  • Legs and Shoulders
    • Back squat – 2 warm up sets 8 reps, 2×5 of 70% current weight, 3×5 max weight
    • OHP – 2 warm up sets 8 reps, 2×5 of 70%, 3×5 max weight
    • Glute-Ham Raise – 3×10
    • Lateral Raise – 4×10
    • Rear Delt Flies – 4×10
  • Chest and Back
    • Deadlift – 2 warm up sets 8 reps, 2×5 of 70% max, 3×5 max weight
    • Flat Dumbbell Bench – 2 warmup sets 8 reps, 2×5 of 70% max, 3×5 max weight
    • Seated Wide Rows – 3×10
    • Incline Barbell Bench – 3×10
    • Pull ups – 2 sets loading up the weight and 3 sets bodyweight only (scale up over time)

Thats it. We will simply preform these workouts twice a week. The goal is to increase the weight each week. When you are just starting out you may be able to add 5-10 lbs per week and this is likely because you didn’t set the weights high enough on your first week. That is okay, work into the weights.

Additionally, we may deviate from this week to week. The main way we will likely deviate is to add in additional sets or reps for lagging lifts. For example, our toughest lift (many such cases) is the overhead press. So in any given week we may add in some additional sets or do some things like behind the neck press or dumbbell press in order to work in a bit more volume.

That being said, don’t go crazy with the volume. The goal here is to lift HEAVY weights. If after your lift you feel like you have a lot more in the tank and can bang out more reps it means you didn’t go heavy enough.

Off Days

As we’ve stated previously, off days are extremely important. If you are gonna be hitting the weights super hard you need to make sure you allow your body to recover. That being said as you lift more and more it can be hard to take off days because you feel like you are falling behind. We are guilty of this but we are here to tell you it is not the case. Schedule in at least 2 off days per week. Ideally after your first two lifting days of the week. Again, off days don’t mean sit on the couch the entire day. It is okay to be active, but just give the weights a break.


Its important (for us) to keep up the cardio. Since we hate doing steady state cardio and hate the treadmill we will continue to do our boxing 1-2 days per week. Boxing is extremely intense and one of the best forms of cardio there is. By boxing (intensely) 1-2 times per week we should have no problem backing into our sub 7 minute mile. We don’t plan to train on the mile, rather it will happen naturally as a byproduct of our HIIT cardio.


While we don’t use much by way of supplements there are a couple that we use routinely and we think you might find them helpful as well.

The first supplement we will be using is Creatine. We have touched on it before but overall we think creatine is the most important supplement on earth and think you should be taking it regardless of your fitness goals.

Next, we will be supplementing with Magnesium. The brand doesn’t matter as much however the form you take can matter as some forms are more easily absorbed by the body than others. Here is what we like. 

Thats it! Those are really the only supplements we will be using to accomplish these goals. The rest will come from whole foods like steak, eggs, potatoes, and sourdough bread.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. A quick list of our current goals and how we plan to achieve them with our current routine. We hope you enjoyed. If interested, we’d love for you to join along with us. Let us know if you plan to join on Twitter. We plan to reach these goals in 4 months. So by October 1st you could have a completely different physique. Maybe you missed the boat for summer but no better time to start than right now!

That’s it for now!

Talk soon,

Team Tested.







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