About Us

Tested Fitness is your favorite alternative fitness hub

About Us

Tested Fitness, your favorite online fitness hub

We aim to cut through the noise and deliver actionable, alternative fitness advice that you won’t find anywhere else. We live in a world doing everything in its power to stop you from being the live force you were born to be. Today’s world doesn’t want you to be healthy and independent. They prefer you fat and docile. We are here to change that.

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What People Say

Tested Fitness truly is your one stop shop when it comes to fitness and longevity. We sift through the noise so you don’t have to!

The guys at Tested have helped me get back to my fighting weight. Juggling a career and a family has been tricky and over the past few years I've let my health slide. I was able come here, get the information I needed and apply it towards my fitness regimen.
Oliver Goodman
I come to Tested Fitness to find the health information that you can't find anywhere else. It comforting to see someone discussing the exact issue you're facing and provide actionable steps to overcome.
Emma Mackie
I always look forward to opening their weekly newsletter (and I subscribe to a ton). They keep me up to date on latest fitness research papers and always share exciting workout plans and gear that have helped me stay in shape.
Nathalie Moore
I love these guys! You WON'T find articles telling you to jog for 30 minutes and eat a well balance grain filled diet to get in shape. They cut through the BS and helped me reclaim my vitality.
Luiz Enrique
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